Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ron Paul on the Ballot?

Although he formally ended his campaign for the Presidency months ago, Dr. Ron Paul is going to be on the Presidential ballot this November in 2 states. In both Louisiana and Montana, voters will have the chance to vote for Ron Paul. Paul won the Louisiana Republican caucus, but, through a series of convoluded actions by the GOP, was denied all of the delegates to the convention from Louisiana. He also did well in the Montana primary.

Would that he were on the ballot in Alabama! Then, I might be able to vote my conscience. Alabama, however, has some of the most draconian and exclusive ballot access laws this side of a communist country. I've been told our so-called 'sore-loser' law prevents anyone from switching parties to run for any office in a general election for which they lost a primary. This means Ron Paul couldn't be on our ballot, nor could he be written-in.

It would be great to see Dr. Paul win a state. Paul came in 2nd in the Nevada primary. Maybe he'll be on the ballot there, too. He won't win, only being on the ballot in 2 or 3 states, but it would make a statement. I haven't decided, yet, as to how to spend my vote. I'm leaning towards Chuck Baldwin, but I'm also considering Bob Barr. Heck, I might just write in Ron Paul, anyway!