Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No Son of Mine

Finally got around to watching that show, "Sons of Anarchy". I like motorcycles, and that's the only reason I wanted to see what it was about. I had my doubts about the show. I suspected it was going to be a slam on anyone who talks about freedom. I guessed this because on the first trailer I saw for the show, one of it's main characters was talking to a police officer about the Constitution. He was portrayed as an outlaw biker and a criminal. I'm sitting here watching it and I'm afraid my doubts are being confirmed.

Within the first 10 minutes, the phrase "Homegrown terrorist uber right wing fanatics" was used to describe some of the characters. Those characters were depicted gunning down police officers, innocent bystanders, and using fully automatic weapons against civilians within the first 10 minutes, as well. Some of these 'anarchists' eventually had to kill some of their own by blowing up their bunker with some sort of radio controlled explosives.

There were a bunch of oddities to grab my attention. For example, every scene seemed to have an American flag or a reflection of a flag. I love the flag, and have no problems with it, but it was very overused. Before the biker anarchists killed their buddies by blowing them to kingdom come near the end of the episode, they joked about fighting the 'revolution'.

A police character on the show was depicted as a bad guy because he was helping these revolutionaries get guns to the 'ghetto'. The police, for the most part, were portrayed as completely passive, gentle and benevolent... even when the ATF raided the bikers' 'lot', as they called it, they seemed to handle the bikers gingerly. With the exception of one ATF agent who seems to have a grudge against the bikers as he trashes their break room, law enforcement was placed in quite the ruby-colored light.

This show was a disappointment. I am totally repulsed and offended. What makes it so bad is that it's not a poorly conceived show. It has action, a decently developed plot, and motorcycles. Too bad it had to be a propaganda hit-piece on freedom.

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