Monday, October 27, 2008

Bush-Guard Gate

I finally got around to reading, and completed a book by Mary Mapes. Mapes was the producer of CBS News' 60 Minutes II program that aired the George W. Bush National Guard story. She and Rather were blasted by political bloggers after the story ran. The bad publicity eventually cost both of them their jobs.

After reading the book, I can honestly say that Mapes is not a completely objective observer. She has a definite bias against conservatives. She claims objectivity, yet I can see obvious left-leanings in her language. Her book was an attempt to gain sympathy for her side of the story. I'm not sure I have much to give her.

BUT, and here's the BIG kicker: she's RIGHT about Bush! Her motives may have been to report negative news about the President, but she really had a factual story. Bush WAS AWOL. In her book, she gives a lot of information that was not aired the night the Bush-Guard story aired. The interviews and corroborating evidence were cut by her bosses shortly before the story was to air.

I work right down the street from the place where Bush supposedly drilled in the early 70's. I've known people in the air-guard that worked there. No one remembers Bush being at Dannelly, save one guy who claims to have had sandwiches with him 5 months before he ever came to Dannelly.

The fact is, President Bush accepted unethical help from his superiors due to the influence of his father and his grandfather. He was able to go and come as he pleased, with no fear of repercussion. He played politics and did who-knows-what while other young men his age, and with greater skill than he, risked their lives in a war his father promoted.

I probably wouldn't recommend the Mapes book to many people. I would, however, encourage people to research this story. It served to add to the amount of shame I feel for voting for W. Bush in 2000 and for his father back in the day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Don here - I still can't post uing my blogger account on your site, while I can on any other one.)

Tony, living in Selma you must mean that you work right down the street from Craig rather than Dannelly which is just outside of Montgomery. It was Dannelly that Bush requested an assignment to so he could work on the Blount campaign, if I’m not mistaken.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Tonewah said...

That's a negatory, Don.

I work a few miles down the road from Dannelly. Craig closed when I was a kid. Craig was in Selma, you're correct, but I don't work very close to Craig, at all.

Bush was assigned to Maxwell, first, then moved to Dannelly, according to his own account. During the time he was allegedly drilling with the Alabama Air Guard, other young men his age without political connections were dying in Vietnam. And there's a pretty big question of whether he ever truly drilled with the Alabama Guard at all.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don is back.
Tony, now I’m confused. If you live in Selma and work a few miles from Dannelly you must have a long commute. :-)

I know Craig closed as an AFB many years ago but there is still a complex known as Craig where the base was, and I thought you worked near there.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous tonewah said...

lol. Hi, Don. Yeah, I'm on the road about 2 hours a day. So, yes, long commute.

You're right, Don, there is an industrial complex at Craig, now. It was an Air Force training facility years ago. It closed before I can remember, though, and there's really no way I'd confuse it with Dannelly.

10:44 AM  

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