Monday, September 15, 2008

Ideas for 'Real Change'

I've recently been reading over some very good ideas proposed by people to improve our government, particularly on the state level. Many of these ideas have been around for a while, but tend to not get very much attention from the media. If we really want to better our state and country, we'll consider these ideas.

Here are a few of them I've been reading up on lately:

Don Siebold, or Dr. IQ, brought me up to speed on the Initiative and Referendum process that other states utilize to bring the ability to pass legislation to the people. Read this editorial from his website. I&R would give the people a much greater say in their government. If legislators don't keep their promises regarding legislation, the people can make them do so by I&R.

From Dr. IQ's website, here's the copy of an I&R bill for the State of Alabama, as introduced by State Rep. Mike Ball.

'Party-less' Ballot
This would have all of the candidates for an election placed on the ballot without a reference to the individual's political party. Personally, this seems to be the most logical because it forces people to actually know the politics of the person for whom they are voting. The best process for doing something like this is debatable, but the concept is sound.

Along these lines is the idea of making ballot access the same for ANYONE running for office. Allowing incumbents and political party members free access or requiring them to meet lower criteria to get their name on the ballot is not the way a free country works. More names on the ballot will allow people to vote for the person they agree with, instead of voting AGAINST someone they disagree with. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. The people should have a right to vote for someone they WANT to hold office, instead of voting for someone to keep someone else out of office.

No tax should EVER be levied without the approval of the people. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights is an idea that shouldn't even have to be debated. Previous attempts at a national Taxpayer Bill of Rights have resulted in little more than rewording the IRS tax code. A REAL TBOR would allow the people to vote down any tax deemed by the people to be unacceptable. This would put an end to the limitless pork-barrel by limiting the money dumped into the barrel.

There are many more good ideas. If not for the contacts I've made on the internet, I probably wouldn't even be aware of the ideas I listed above. If you have any others you want to let us know about, leave a comment!