Thursday, September 04, 2008

GOP: Not for You or Me

While a video montage of Sarah Palin runs on the big screen and a variation of the theme from Dallas, the TV show, softly plays in the background, delegates to the Republican National Convention are being harassed and escorted from the building. Their crime? Their fellow Republicans in their respective home states elected them to vote for Ron Paul.

These are delegates who were selected by the PEOPLE of the USA to represent them in the convention. They are being singled out by Secret Service agents for searches. They are being told that if they leave their seats they will be removed from the building. Any Ron Paul pins or other material has been confiscated without any reason or recourse. When a complaint was voiced, an RNC orgtanizer told the delegates "that stuff ain't allowed here... this is McCain Country!"

It seems obvious that there is no room in the RNC for any other thought than that of the party elite. Gone are the days of party platform debate. Gone are the days of open discussions of relevant issues of concern to all the people. To this life-long Republican who enjoys quoting Reagan, it's very depressing.

I've been sitting at home, watching the whole fiasco on TV and the internet. You can see the hollow, absent look in the eyes of the crowd. The propaganda is beginning to border on pornography. When are they going to start passing out the brown shirts and arm bands?

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