Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Revolution Update:

Take part in as much of the following as possible:

1.) BreakTheMatrix Calls For Talent! Producers; Hosts; Technicians; Interns

One step at a time. This has been our watchword here at BreakTheMatrix; it’s the way we’re approaching every move in structuring and building the company. First the core team; then the website; then the social network community– and now we’re ready to create and implement our online television and radio platforms. For our early shows we’ve been using Yahoo Live, but it’s time for the next level. More shows and genres; stronger production values; streaming 24/7 network content; a dedicated chat room– all these things and so much more are in the works and getting ready for rollout. The time is here, and we’re asking freedom lovers to join us– BreakTheMatrix calls for talent!

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2.) Introducing Project Central!

  • BreakTheMatrixTV in 12 million homes - 3,237 Pledges / Goal 15,000

    Across the United States, more than 1100 independent cable providers offer customers an alternative to the monolithic major communications conglomerates so diligently monitoring and controlling the programming they broadcast. Building on the success of Break the Matrix TV’s launch on the Bay Country Communications network, Basic Media, Inc. will execute similar broadcasting contracts with independent cable operators across the nation.

  • 758 Current Total Pledges

    FreedomSlate08 is a multi-candidate fund raising day event organized by BreakTheMatrix on behalf of a slate of outstanding candidates who all share the values and philosophies of freedom. These are the people who will change America for the better! To elect them in November, 2008, these candidates need our support right now. We’ve gathered the best candidates together on a single slate, and we’re asking you to contribute $100 or more on FREEDOM DAY– July 4, 2008.

  • Operation St. Paul 154 Pledges / Goal 1,000

    The GOP convention takes place in St. Paul, Minnesota this year on September 1st through the 4th. The mission: cover the city with a blend of outdoor advertisements in support of Ron Paul’s new book “The Revolution: A Manifesto”. Imagine billboard ads, bus ads, bus stop ads and more. Everywhere you turn the republicans will be haunted by penetrating quotes from the book coupled with it’s image. Simple, powerful, everywhere.. The message: we’re not going away.

  • FreedomTour08 Tour 71 Pledges / Goal 750

    This tour is all about spreading the principles of the Founding Fathers and upholding the Constitution. Each night will feature short but positive speeches about freedom. Several bands and of course Marc Scibilia for an entire hour. Come along, it’s going to be a night to remember. Bring your friends!!

Other important events and projects to check out in the freedom community:

Revolution Freedom Festival (Granny Warrior)

Operation Cat Herder

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