Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Republican 'Reds'

Big-government Republicans are destroying the party. There are practically no differences between most Republicans and their Democratic opponents, anymore. They've played up the 'Bush Tax Cuts' as if they're some massive blow against big government. Yet this 'tax-cut' barely scratches the surface, being barely more than a symbolic gesture. They build up the scope of government, and introduce legislation that violates the Constitution. They ignore the idea of a 'Republic' and focus on 'Democracy'.

Meanwhile, government has grown to a size never seen before, spending almost $14 Billion a year on civilian employees alone, not including contract employees, such as those who work for Halliburton, KBR, and others... Bureaucracy is experiencing unprecedented, run-away growth and the Bill of Rights is in tatters. Willful GOP faithful refuse to observe this phenomenon, turning a blind eye to the corruption, overspending and other excesses of the present administration. Socialism, the bane of the old-GOP, is now the accepted ideology. Although they'd never use the term 'socialism', the concept is identical: big central government.

The irony of George W. Bush chastising Al Gore for the Clinton administration's willingness to go on nation building missions is completely lost on the modern GOP 'red'. I've posted quotes from those debates back in 2000 on this blog before. The then Governor Bush was adamant about his stance against nation building, going as far as to say it undermined the morale of the troops.

"What about 911?", the new 'reds' ask. Well, what about the attack, by al Quaeda, on the World Trade Center back in 1993? If there was ever a reason to attack and capture Osama bin Laden, that was the time to do it. If someone trains a gun on your head, shoots and grazes your scalp, does it make sense to let him square up his cross hairs so he can hit you right between the eyes? Iraq has NOTHING to do with 911. NOTHING AT ALL. Iraq was a secular nation, and had even been at war against religious extremists like al Quaeda. The socialists have used all the anti-mid-eastern sentiment in the Republican party to further this idea.

I was FOR the invasion of Iraq back in 2003. I believed the administration when they said there were weapons of mass destruction, etc... I was blinded by my desire to see retribution. What opened my eyes to Bush's hypocrisy was the fact that he declared 'Mission Accomplished', then went directly into a nation-building mission in Iraq. I voted against him, and for the Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik, in 2004.

I think too many Republicans just really don't care. They want to blindly defend the party without having to do any research of their own. They believe the socialist propaganda machines, known as the 'major news networks' without checking their sources. Many of them would even argue that the founders didn't intend Americans to be free from the oppression of a tyrannical President who has overstepped his authority and usurped the power of the congress simply because he's in their party.

Others use the excuse that Reagan spoke no ill of fellow Republicans, therefore Bush opponents in the party should be quiet. Then, those same 'reds' badmouth Ron Paul, a 20+ year Republican. I suppose they don't see the hypocrisy in that. Reagan was one who supported all Republicans, no matter what. He was wrong for that. Yes, Reagan made mistakes. I know that's heresy in the modern 'red' GOP, but I don't care. I idolized Reagan, but even I can see he was wrong in that respect. When someone like John McCain opposes almost all the concepts of a Republican government, he shouldn't be treated as a 'Republican'.

If the 'reds' have their way, government regulation will end our Republic. A socialist democratic dictatorship of the few over the many will replace it. If you look at how our present government works, you could argue that it already has. Let us not forget that most communist nations proclaim themselves to be 'democratic'. Unless Republicans turn around and look at how far off-course they've gone, and make the needed corrections, I don't see any future for the ideals of the Republican party.

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