Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More on FEMA Trains...

I had my sincere doubts as to the validity of the photos of FEMA trains that have been circulating. Once again, it turns out that there is a foundation of truth to the story. In February, FEMA 'official', Glenn Cannon, testified before Congress that FEMA was 'looking at passenger trains' as a way to carry people out of forced evacuation situations. Katrina and New Orleans have certainly been used a lot as an excuse for government to do some nasty things.

Any time you forcibly disarm or 'relocate' law-abiding, innocent civilians you break the contract with the people agreed upon in the US Constitution. People who's property wasn't affected by the water were even disarmed during Katrina. Removing people from their property at gun point in forced evacuations, shooting suspicious characters, quartering mercenaries in private residences... these are all violations of the supreme law of the land. Soldiers marched through the streets, disarming, damaging private property, and violating the bill of rights as if it were toilet paper and no one said or did anything. I certainly don't remember anyone on TV talking about it.

Earlier this week, I heard Anderson Cooper on CNN speaking with disgust as he criticized the government for not implementing 'forced evacuation' in Iowa. The state was already implementing voluntary evacuation, but he seemed aghast that it wasn't FORCED. Our media is just as complicit as the crooked government agents implementing these progroms. I believe they're probably more to blame, because the people listen to and trust them. Without a free media, the people are subjected to nothing but non-stop propaganda.

After Germany was expelled from the Baltics in World War II, Stalin's Soviet entered. Overnight, millions of people 'disappeared' from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to concentration camps in the Soviet Union. What did they use? Trains. We all know what the Nazis used to transport the Jews quickly and quietly to concentration camps: Trains. There is no quicker or more efficient way of forcibly transporting people en masse than the use of trains.

I often joke with friends about the FEMA trains being used to transport those of us who suspect the government is involved in corrupt activities to concentration camps. I wonder if those carried away by the Nazis and Soviets once joked about being carried away before it actually happened. It seems like such a far-fetched idea, yet it has happened before in the not-too-distant past.

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