Monday, May 19, 2008

What's Going On?

This was the Drudge Report page that greeted me, moments ago: Google wants my health records and Brave New World science experiments. I don't think even the patriots over at WTPRN could predict how quickly things would deteriorate. Dr. Albrecht was expressing surprise at the new RF readers on the vending machines, this morning. Alex Jones was talking about some people with press credentials asking Ollie North some hard questions about interrment camps who were roughed up and had their cameras and equipment confiscated. Mike Badnarik was talking last week about the no-knock warrants that are being served in the wee hours of the morning, resulting in the outright murder of innocent people. I recently viewed (and blogged) the footage of a completely innocent housewife being stopped by police for no just cause. She exercised her 4th amendment rights, was arrested, had her belongings searched, and her reputation sullied. What did the officer say when the innocent woman asked why she was being arrested? "I'm arresting you for resisting arrest."

I can't believe how easily I was being led down the path to enslavement, and how many people are still oblivious to what's going on. It's probably because we only watch and listen to the corporate media outlets. Anything else is seen as questionable or unreliable. People are going to have start getting off their lazy rear ends and paying attention to what our government is doing.

I know I should pay more attention to local politics. I'm ashamed by how little I know about the way my county and city governments run. Around here, people go to the Angelfire website to find dirt about local politics. After I started archiving that site on a blog of my own, I had someone ask why I would do that, as it casts Selma in a bad light. The fact is, it happens EVERYWHERE. Selma is probably no where near as corrupt as most cities and local governments. Even if there was very little corruption in Selma, we shouldn't stop until there is NO corruption. The idea of tolerating bad behavior to make us look better to outsiders is repugnant. You can't make anything better by sweeping it's dirt under a rug.

I believe there are those who want to keep us in the dark. The harder they make it for us to find out what they are doing, and how to participate in the process, the easier it is for them to hoodwink us. To let the light in would mean exposing their less-than-ethical dealings. The more shady the deal, the less transparent the process. That's why anything that's hard to fathom in government (like the Income Tax) is usually hiding something even more nefarious. They use opacity to cloak their dark deals.

I'm talking about government on all levels, but especially on the national level. It's been so dark for so long, it would probably take decades to unravel the spinning webs of deceit and bureaucratic mis-direction clogging the democratic process. That's a timeframe our country can't afford. Real restoration must come quickly to the Republic, or the politicians will simply weave another web in the dark to replace the ones we destroy.

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