Friday, May 16, 2008

We the People: The Highest Power on Earth

In His infinite wisdom, God allowed the creation of a nation with a government of the people and by the people. In this nation, the highest power on earth is to be the people. We know this nation as the United States of America.

Our elected representatives are servants. Our police are servants. Our judges, military, and presidents are all servants of 'We the people'. We are the highest power in our government.

Why, then, do people constantly blabber on about being 'subject to authority'? WE ARE THE AUTHORITY. Yes, we have hired representatives to create the rule of law, and we have agreed to abide by the laws created that conform with the certain inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our creator, and laid out in our Constitution, but we ARE NOT subject to any higher power in government other than ourselves. The highest power in our Republic is US.

Our public servants are subject to us. They should honor us, fear us, and render tribute to us as we demand. Being elected into our representative government is a job of servatude, not a position of power or ultimate authority. If they pass or interpret legislation in opposition to the will of the people and their Constitution, the people have the right to remove them.

Our elected public servants have attempted to usurp our authority. They've convinced many of us that they have a higher power than the people. It's a lie. Our Declaration of Independence reserved the right of the people to change it's form of government, should it become corrupt and tyrannical.

The problem we face is that many people don't realize the power we've allowed our public servants to believe they have. Our rights are slowly being stripped away. It's like looking at yourself in the mirror every day, how you don't see the changes taking place, but when you look at a picture of yourself from a few years ago, you see a dramatic difference. We need to look at the picture of our governmental power before to recognize how much we've given away.

The biggest, most obvious change we should be able to see is the fear our government tries to instill in us. Would you be afriad of someone who painted your house, or cut your grass? Would you be afraid of the guy who cleans your carpets? Why, then, are you to be afraid of our public servants?

"They have the guns," is the answer I hear most. Well, why do they have the guns? Because we've slowly allowed them to tell us we don't need them, and that they're 'unsafe'. We've allowed our government to keep standing armies, convert our militias into divisions of the central government's army, and intimidate us by random checkpoints setup by our police, who now recognize the central government as their ultimate authority, not the people they are sworn to protect and SERVE.

I don't fear our public servants. God did not set them as the highest power in our country; He made US the highest power. They are the ones doing the evil works. They are the ones resisting their ordained authorities. They are refusing to honor, fear, tribute, or to recognize the customs of their higher power, the people. For this, they will ultimately have to answer not only to us, but to God. (Romans 13)

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