Friday, May 30, 2008

Death by Gun Control

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Ask yourself this question: Why must we get a permit for a gun? Do you need a permit to attend church? Do you need a permit to own private property? Do you need a permit to keep soldiers from being quartered in your house? Do you need a permit to have the right to a jury trial? Do you need a permit to exercise any of your other constitutional rights?

Of course you don't. So why are we allowing our government require we obtain a permit to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights? Not only does allowing government require us to obtain a permit for a constitutionally guaranteed right set a dangerous precedent, but it works to make us unable to defend ourselves, should government become corrupt.

I would argue that government is ALREADY corrupt. It's becoming more and more corrupt at an exponential rate. With that in mind, should we be allowing our rights to be diminished? Even if we completely trusted every decision our government makes, we shouldn't allow our rights to be diminished by any degree.

People need to realize what's possible when government corruption and public apathy mix.

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