Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Machine Fails!

The political machine failed to defeat Ron Paul for his seat in Congress, yesterday. They've tried before, and failed just as miserably. The margin of victory was about 40%, a complete decimation of his opponent. The people spoke. The fight continues.

I am jealous of Texas' 14th district. I wish more districts had a candidate who stood on principle, like Ron Paul, instead of wetting their finger and sticking it into the air. If a candidate like Ron Paul stepped up in my district, I'd most likely support him whole-heartedly.

Still, the numbers indicate some of those who voted for Dr. Paul to retain his house seat did NOT vote for his presidential bid. I can't figure that one out. If he's the one you want to represent you in government, it stands to reason that he'd be the one you'd want to represent your country.

Anyway, the party power-brokers failed, again. They might be able to fool some, but they can't fool everybody... and they can't fool the people of Texas' 14th. Now, it's on to DC and the convention to raise Cain against McCain!

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