Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Victory for Selma!

Yesterday, the people of Selma helped score a victory for free-market democracy when they voted to defeat the $12MIL+ bond issue. I was so afraid it would pass. Selma probably does need to raise money, although not in this fashion. We need money for police officers and repairs to our city's infrastructure. This bond issue was just far too vague and obscenely large. It suggested that Selma was in need of some sort of socialist intervention. I'm so glad the people of Selma shot it down.

Only 2 Selma City council members voted against the bond issue. Two-thirds of the people who voted yesterday voted against it. Does this mean the other council members are failing to accurately represent their constituents by supporting the bond issue? One could certainly draw that conclusion. $20,000+ was wasted on this special bond-issue vote, and many Selmans aren't very happy about that. Is a shake-up in order for the city council?

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