Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Proud American

Yesterday, I voted. I didn't vote for a religion. I didn't vote for a race. I didn't vote for a gender. I didn't vote for popularity. I didn't vote for a handout. I voted for a President who would attempt to return America to a free society. I felt better than I've ever felt after voting.

Yesterday, America voted. America didn't vote for a free society. Instead, America chose to vote for religion, race, gender, popularity and for a handout. In doing so, the majority abandoned the free-market, Democratic Republic our forefathers fought and gave their lives to achieve, embracing the collectivism they fought to end.

I'm sure the majority doesn't see it that way. The majority is wrong. Their collectivist logic is destroying our country. Our currency is collapsing. We have nothing to offer the world in the way of manufacturing. Our service sector is being outsourced. We owe billions to our enemies and even more to the wealthy global bankers. The majority are too concerned with making sure someone 'like them' is elected to care.

I'm proud and ashamed. I'm proud of the strong-willed Americans who stood against what they were told to do, and voted for Ron Paul. I'm ashamed I live in a state that cares so little about it's country that the majority would vote for a person simply to support a collectivist cause. I thought we were past that?

When will we wake up? It is a FACT that all of the money taken in the Federal Income Tax goes only to pay a portion of the interest charged by the Federal Reserve on money printed by the Federal Reserve Bank, a private institution. Our government takes our money, gives it to the obscenely wealthy, only dropping a few dollars here and there to make it seem as though they are 'redistributing wealth'.

We WILL have RFID chips in our driver's licences within the year. In the very near future, failure to identify yourself with a government issued ID will be grounds for the authorities to hold you without any other charge. One of the primary steps taken towards a totalitarian society is requiring ID to be carried at all times. In case you didn't know, totalitarian government is BAD. Think Stalin, Hitler, Musolini, Pol Pot, etc...

I heard Bill O'reilly, on his 'radio factor' program, commending our current administration for being authoritarian and calling for more 'authority' to be taken by our government. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Our country was founded on freedom and liberty, not government rule. This person, O'reilly, is trusted by a lot of people. The fact that there is no outrage at statements like these proves that the majority of our country is either completely ignorant of the dangers of authoritarianism, or has completely abandoned liberty. I pray it's the former.

I admit I was ignorant. I once believed the powerful government elite were honestly trying to make our country a better place. Now that my eyes are open, I feel dirty and completely foolish. It's like taking a shower, only to open your eyes and find you're being coated with muck and waste.

Still, ignorance of what's happening isn't a valid excuse. I'm certain most of us SMELL the corruption, we just don't SEE it. It's not like you have to look for it, either. All you have to do is open your eyes.

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