Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Peden Push

I was angered by an NPR segment I heard yesterday afternoon on my way home from work. They were covering a completely unknown congressional candidate from Texas named Chris Peden. He was attacking Ron Paul and claiming to be the 'real conservative'. NPR gave this guy quite a bit of free air time to slam Dr. Paul, and allowed no rebuttal for the Paul side.

So who is this Peden character? His website claims he is 'pro-life', yet he's opposing the most pro-life candidate in history. He claims to be a fiscal conservative, but seems ignorant of the conservative ideal of downsizing government. He implies that he favors president Bush's foreign policy, but is willfully reticent to speak of the blatant flip-flop in the Bush 'no nation-building' policy. I don't think this guy really knows where he stands.

Basically, Peden is no better than a big government hit-man pushing the globalist agenda. He claims to agree with Paul on everything except the 'war'. He said Paul was 'against our troops', a slanderous lie that made me feel hot with anger. He's a punk and a pawn of the empire builders. ...And the socialists at NPR love him.

EDIT: This inspired me to go donate to the Paul Congressional Campaign.

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