Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Since so many of our countrymen are blissfully unaware of what's going on in our country, whether through spite or ignorance, that they would vote for John McCain, Huckabee, Hillary or Obama, many people have been asking, "What do we do next?" with regards to the Ron Paul campaign. I was wondering that, myself. I have been reluctant to pull up all my Ron Paul signs, because I wanted them there for the general election. Ruling out the 3rd party run dumped a little water on the fire, but I still have hope. What CAN we do, since we've already voted in the primary?

Well, now we have our answer: A march on Washington DC! At the very end of a video released by the campaign shortly after midnight, Ron Paul calls for a march on Washington. "It's a risky move," he says. It's risky because if we don't DO SOMETHING NOW, the country could be lost forever. If you are one who's motivation was lost after the primary, it's time to get back into gear! We have to show the rest of the country that there ARE Ron Paul supporters, and that Dr. Paul's message is the most honest and logical.

This is the most exciting thing in my lifetime. We have a chance to return our country to the values it was based upon; We can restore the Republic!