Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gossip and Busybodies Destroy Conservatism

There are several 'conservative gossip' websites out there that I believe, through ignorance, seek to destroy the conservative movement. The bland, witless, Beavis-and-Butthead commentary is tiresome and virulently one-sided. It's almost as if they were satire of conservative websites. How can they expect to bring people in to the conservative movement? They should be convincing people with ideas, not criticism.

Conservatism isn't mean-spirited, nor does it slight others of the conservative ideology. Almost anything goes in politics, but if you really favor conservatism, you don't imply that supporting a conservative you don't agree with makes you a 'tard'. I think it's part of a sad turn in conservatism. Many, such as the 'Wonkette' editor, Ken Layne, aren't really conservative devotees as much as they are provocateurs. This really hurts the ideas they claim to promote with regard to adults and intelligent voters.

Conservatives need to get back to what they claim to support. No true conservative would be a gossip peddler. Conservatives work in facts, ideas and principle. Junior high school 'DC was with BO at TC's house' rumor spreading serves no one, and certainly doesn't help the cause of conservatism.

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