Thursday, February 07, 2008

Freedom to Fascism and Endgame

The above video is a documentary made by a man named Alex Jones. Although he is somewhat of a sensationalist, his movie makes very compelling accusations. It is rife with conjecture, hyperbole and theories, but the facts are there to back an alarming amount of them up. Honestly, if only one percent of his allegations are true, there should be unstoppable movements by the American people calling for our government officials to be investigated for treason. And that's not to speak of the foreign governments who should be held accountable to their people for complicity, as well.

Jones lays out the history of despotism in a somewhat bombastic, yet informative way. Truthfully, it wasn't all that fun to watch... it was more disturbing and frightening than it was entertaining. If you look past the obvious fear tactics he employs, he accurately shows the veins of eugenics and fascism (also called corporatism) that have travelled up throught the halls of history into our lives, outlining the goals of despots.

Whether you believe the 'Bilderberg' group is benign or a tyrannical group of elitists bent on global domination, you will have to admit the secrecy is suspicious. Our politicians violating the Logan Act by attending secret global policy meetings every year, attempting to keep the meetings a 'black op' type affair is just plain scary. Whether or not you believe they want to depopulate the Earth, and control it's monetary system, there's no debating the fact that this type of illegal behavior is creepy and un-American.

A slightly less exhibitionist film to watch, which makes me just as frightened, if not more, is 'America: Freedom to Fascism' by Aaron Russo. I screened it at my house at the Primary Party Tuesday night. It points up the flaws with the IRS and Federal Reserve. It also makes you wonder who the REAL terrorists are.

You should NOT watch these films if you are the paranoid type. You will begin looking over your shoulder, if not literally, at least figuratively. I also don't really advocate using these films as fear tactics to sway voters. They are informational and educational horror movies, only based in reality and politics. These movies inspire less of a run on the ballot box than the cartridge box.

Also, the skeptic might turn these films off before their completion. I am skeptical of a lot of the claims Jones makes, and can see the anger in Russo's face, leading me to believe their personal opinions drive the hyperbole in some instances. GET PAST THAT. You have to be willing to be skeptical of your own skeptisism. Writing the whole film off, without taking notes, simply because one part of it seems too far-fetched is the same as taking the whole thing at face value.

Love them, hate them or take them out of the DVD player and burn them, you will at least be asking questions and doing some independent research after watching these films. If you're not, I question your sanity.

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