Monday, February 25, 2008

Democrats and GOP: All Crooks

It's been reported that a 60 Minutes segment on Don Siegelman was blacked out across much of Alabama Sunday night. This CBS station attempts to explain why HERE. The Raw Story covers the story HERE, and the Huffington Post covers the story HERE.

It appears that our two warring crime syndicates, known as the Democrats and Republicans, have been at it again. The CBS stations are claiming it was a 'techincal(sic) malfunction'. I guess it's hard to receive a signal from CBS when you turn the CBS receiver off. Kinda reminds me of the wardrobe 'malfunction' a few years back.

Honestly, I don't trust any TV news anymore. They're all liars and salesmen. That's not the big story, to me.

The big story is how we're being duped into believing our political parties are acting in the best interest of our country when they're just two big crime machines out for themselves. They both lie to us when it's election season, and laugh at us after we elect them. If we say something bad about them in a mass market media outlet, they come after us at our homes.

Take John Sophocleus as an example. John ran against Bob Riley in 1996 for the US House 3rd district seat and again in 2004 for Governor. Sophocleus was repeatedly threatened, fired from his position at Auburn University, and had his home siezed as 'eminent domain' by our government. Riley has been connected to scandals, such as the Abramoff and Scanlon affair, but has managed to allow all of it roll off of him like water off a duck's back. As far as I know, John Sophocleus is still fighting to get his home back. Why? Because John Sophocleus chose to run as a conservative, principled Libertarian against the corrupt party machines.

I've heard it put best by a comparison to the mob crime families. The Dems are like the Ginovese's and the GOPers are like the Gambino's. They treat our government like their own personal card game. Every once in a while, somebody at the table gets shot. Don't try to intervene or get a piece of the crap game, though, or they'll join forces to wipe you out.

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