Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Church of Fox

I admit it. I was once a Fox-a-holic. Anyone who knows me, knows that. If my TV was on, 90% of the time it was on Fox News. Until this recent election cycle, I was still a hardcore Fox Fan. I recognized the slight rightward slant, but that seemed fair to me, as all the other networks lean FAR to the left.

I HATED CNN, and didn't trust CBS, NBC or ABC, either. Fox wasn't always totally accurate, but a little disinfo here and there is ok as long as the main jist of the story is on-target. And I kinda LIKED it that way. It seemed harmless to have a few stories slanted towards MY point of view for a change.

Fox has gained a large following. And I was a part of it. I used to tell people to watch Fox. I'd berate people for watching CNN or MSNBC. I knew Fox was telling me what I wanted to hear, a lot of the time, but I certainly didn't think they'd outright lie to me, or mislead me. Fox News was like the people at church you can trust to tell you how it is.

I can't believe they had me that fooled. I'm a skeptical person by nature. It's not easy to pull the wool completely over my eyes, but Fox News had me totally blindfolded. If someone hadn't taken the time to record the network and play it back, looking for the inconsistencies, and highlighting them, I don't know that I would have ever known. I might've had my suspicions, but I can't say I would've gone to any lengths to confirm them.

That made me start thinking: If they can fool me so easily, what else have they been lying about that I've taken as fact? I started thinking about all the stories I've seen on Fox News. How many were slanted by omission and spin, and for what reasons? How many were outright lies? Stories of families and situations that confirmed my beliefs, or satisfied my curiousities about questionable actions that I saw, may have been complete hoaxes. If they were willing to lie, or misrepresent the facts in order to alter the course of a Presidential election, they could've been lying about anything they've ever said!

Many people still watch Fox News religiously. It's scary. I hear people spouting off misinformation that Fox 'reported', or giving opinions they heard on Fox as their own. When you question the validity of the story or opinion, you get accused of being liberal or some other negative adjective. It's almost as if Fox is the propaganda box, and to sway from it is heresy.

Well, I've withdrawn my membership from the church of Fox News. I'm pretty much as opposed to Fox News as I once was supportive. I can't even turn the channel to Fox News without feeling guilty and used. When I see the personalities talking, they look just plain creepy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don said:

Tony, by mere coincidence I read someone else talking about FOX News today. You may be interested in reading what Reverend John Killian in Mayport, AL (who spoke so forcefully and eloquently in Ron Paul’s behalf at a couple of Alabama straw polls) wrote on his blog @ I made a comment to his post saying:

“Reverend Killian,
I believe FOX News, under the direction of Rupert Murdoch (whom you may have inadvertently said is a native of Austria rather than Australia) purposely catered to conservatives in the beginning to capture them as loyal viewers, but once it had done that the programming began to change. One may ask why. To find the answer one has to follow the dots to the “man behind the curtain” who, in this instance isn’t an individual but instead is an organization known as the Council on Foreign Relations, of which Murdoch is a member.

I began delving into the CFR’s activities a year or so ago when, I began investigating the North American Union as a result of reading an article by Phylis Schlaffly. That investigation eventually led me to the CFR.

The CFR, I’ve learned, is an organization of several thousand elitists that has an eventual goal of creating a “One World” government (possibly the United Nations, or a form thereof). It will then make serfs out of the world population to serve those elitists.

The CFR hopes to attain its objective by controlling the world’s money supply and the minds of the masses. To control those minds, it uses mainstream media, of which Murdoch is a mogul with no equal that I know of.

If you would be interested in reading some of the material on the CFR that I have found and filed away I’d be pleased to send you some of it by email.

I believe that Ron Paul is probably aware of everything I’ve said, but anyone who publicly exposes the CFR activities is placing their life in jeopardy, so he wisely just confronts issues that may help hold the CFR wolf at bay and thwart its agenda at least temporarily.”

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