Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Picking them Off, One by One

This is more of what we want to see. A 4 man debate makes it FAR harder to ignore Ron Paul. The media have been able to bypass, mock and attempt to humiliate him because he was 'fringe'. Now, he's one of the semi-finalists for the GOP nomination.

This is what Paul wants. NOBODY wants a one-on-one with Ron Paul. He would dessimate them. Those who watched the 3 minutes they allowed Paul to speak in the last debate will remember how he rode John McCain in his response to the detailed economic question. It flustered McCain, and showed his ineptitude with economics. A 2-man forum, giving Paul equal time, would embarass ANY of the candidates, because they are cardboard cut-outs, not real, intelligent statesmen. Certainly none of them are anywhere near as knowledgable as Paul on the economy, and that would come out with crystal clarity in a face-off.

In fairness, McCain is a war hero. I respect him VERY MUCH for the sacrifices and courage it took to endure being a POW. He just doesn't have the knowledge base required for the job, nor has he the conservative pedigree required for the GOP nomination. I feel he would hamper the conservative cause and damage all the work so many have done. He relies on advisors far too much, and I'm afraid he would trust them too fully, even when they don't have the best interests of the country in mind.

I don't care for Mitt Romney. I don't remember anything he's done to help the conservative cause. Yes, he is a good business executive. He knows how to watch a bottom line, and increase his income greatly. However, I do not respect a person who employs those who would ignore ethics and pretend to be officers of the law, just to get him in first to debates, and to avoid traffic. He is an elitist on the level of Ted Kennedy, in my opinion, and a used car salesman on the level of Bill Clinton.

Finally, Huckabee... I respect the fact that Mike Huckabee is a preacher. It takes both a quick wit and good oratory skill to be a successful evangelist. I like the way he speaks, and his ability to put a positive spin on everything. But he actually INCREASED taxes and spending in Arkansas, after a governor like Bill Cliton, for whom tax and spend was second nature. I've just never seen anything he's done to further the conservative cause, other than letting the world know he's a Baptist minster, which is not really a risky move in the largely religious GOP. He's a GOP Jimmy Carter, and will spell disaster for conservatism.

I'm just tired of hearing all the lame-brains on these debates. It's time for a real conservative to start taking center stage. I'm going to watch the debate tonight with a renewed excitement. McCain and Giuliani both attacked Paul directly. The first one to attack is now gone. Who's next?