Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Only Conservative

The debate last night, as slanted as it was towards McCain and Romney, once again showed up their lack of conservative values as they went back and forth, pointing out all the liberal things those two neo-cons have done. When he was finally allowed to speak, Ron Paul called them out for arguing over who-said-what when the country is in peril, obtaining the loudest applause of the night from a very mixed crowd. In what little time he was given, and when he wasn't rudely cut off by Anderson Cooper (a tactic, I might add, that was NEVER employed against the other 3 candidates!) Dr. Paul managed to shine, hitting all of the important issues, none of which the other candidates were willing to debate.

The three candidates with the least conservative records tried to lay claim to Ronald Reagan as much as possible. McCain claimed to be a 'footsoldier' in the Reagan revolution. Romney pretty much called himself Reagan. Mike Huckabee tried to make a case for himself by mentioning the Fair Tax, but said he wouldn't dare try to claim that Reagan would endorse him. All three slammed one another for their very liberal records.

It was almost comical until Ron Paul reminded them he was the only one on stage to endorse Reagan in 1976 and that Reagan had endorsed and campaigned for Dr. Paul in the past. McCain's face grew contorted and green. Romney looked like a vampire contemplating how to escape a sudden burst of sunlight. When Paul mentioned conversing with Reagan about the Gold Standard and that Reagan indicated his belief that a nation which abandons the Gold Standard is no longer a great nation, I thought I heard McCain's teeth crack, he was grinding them so hard.

The big money bankers and CFR wackos were probably more than a little irate. Even though Anderson Cooper was rude, and never allowed Dr. Paul to finish his answers like he did the others, the big money people probably wanted to hang Cooper for not dragging Ron Paul off the stage the minute he started talking about sound money and true conservatism. There were probably more than a few expensive rugs ruined, and big, expensive plasma screens dotted with spittle as they yelled at their TVs.

I don't think they'll be angry for long, though. They've never really cared what the average American thinks, anyway. They'll just push-poll their opinion, broadcast it, and tell us it's what we think. They'll plant some 'random, undecided' actor to rant and rail against Paul. Sadly, many Americans will buy it.

Most people, when it all boils down, have a single root cause for casting their vote, anyway. The Huckabee people will vote for him because they've heard he's a Baptist preacher. The McCain people will vote for him because he's a war hero, and talks about 'safety'. The Romney people will vote for him because they want a spokesmodel, and he looks good on TV. The Paul people want a candidate that will preserve conservative and constitutional values, and are willing to make sure they vote for a candidate that will do so. Still, others will vote against someone because of something they heard, without even looking to find out if it's true.

I wish more people would recognize how important a figure Ron Paul has been to the conservative, constitutionalist movement. When it all boils down, most people don't look into the candidates. They listen to what is being said on TV, or to their friends and family that repeat to them what's been said on TV or radio. By doing so, they're playing right into the hands of the people who want their money, and have the power to take it.