Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus: Who's Votes Get Counted?

I've been watching the Caucus results from Iowa tonight. When the votes started coming in, Ron Paul was pretty much tied with John McCain for 4th place. As time went on, the gap between 3rd and 5th practically disappeared. Paul looked poised to take 3rd. Suddenly, Giuliani, who had been around 1-4% jumped with an even 2000 vote surge. My eyes bugged. It showed up on Drudge for a second, it was on CNN and MSNBC. Then, just as I was reading blog entries complaining about it, it went away. The votes DISAPPEARED.

As the precinct votes rolled in, I noticed Ron Paul was excluded from some of them. One would assume this meant he had no votes there, but Duncan Hunter was showing up with 0 votes. My eyes bugged again. Time after time I noticed that occurance. Over on C-Span one could observe what appeared to be blatant ballot-stuffing! What's going on with the vote counting up there?