Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Times in the Snow, messy media, and a Paul victory!

This was a great weekend for the Paul campaign. We came in second in Nevada, and raised almost 2 million dollars on the MLK holiday. Although we didn't get to canvass, due to the snow Saturday, we did make a bunch of handouts, and got to play in the snow, to boot.

It was so great watching the returns on the Nevada caucuses come in, and Ron Paul finishing in front of John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson et al. Even though they rarely mentioned Paul, the numbers and percentage beside his name made me feel great. And in a state very near Arizona!

Something I saw on the news during the caucus coverage made me angry. I heard Dr. Paul's name mentioned less than half a dozen times. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when I heard some reporter say, "Long-shot libertarian candidate Ron Paul comes in a distant second behind Mitt Romney, slightly edging out other candidates who chose not to campaign in Nevada." This reporter went on to state that none of the GOP hopefuls really hoped to win in Nevada. That is TOTAL CRAP. None of the candidates want to do poorly in ANY state. They wouldn't have dedicated half a day's programming to the Nevada caucus if it didn't mean something. Gimme a break.

The rediculousness of it all has brough me to a decision: I am going to abandon the 3big cable news networks altogether. CNN (also known to some as the Clinton News Network) has never really been my choice for news. One-sided is an understatement for them. I was thinking, for a while, that Lou Dobbs might save them, but even he apparently flip-flops from a populist-socialism to paleo-conservatism, depending on what he's attacking and on his mood. I really thought Fox was trustworthy for a long time. After the debate debacles, however, I stopped watching them completely. They are probably more crooked than the others... I really can't believe their efforts to subvert the facts. MSNBC has Tucker, but he isn't really a big part of their network, and they probably don't like him, anyway. They're mostly big-government apologists and socialist propagandists.

I think they're all just lazy. Nobody works for stories, anymore. They think that their big names, what they perceive as their superiority, means people MUST listen to them, and if a person doesn't cow to their opinion, giving them the proper respect, they can use their media power to FORCE it on you. Well, screw them! I don't need any of their bologna. I'm sure there are hungry, honest, hard-working journalists coming up who would love to take their places.

I was driving back from taking trash to our local landfill yesterday, when, appropriately, I heard Dennis "Saturday Night Live" Miller on his radio program. He claimed Ron Paul supporters are all 'hangdog'. I don't think we're hangdog, at all. If we're anything, we're pit bulls for our tenacity, or maybe grey hounds, because we're catching up quickly. We certainly aren't depressed or guilty. I think it's a case of him projecting HIS feelings. Isn't he a Giuliani man? lol. Talk about hangdog.

The media has become a joke, but I'm not worried. The facts will come out at some point. A huge dump of US dollars on the world market and a failing economy are starting to bring them out, already. Dr. Paul's message is being heard more and more. It's r3VOLution time!

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Blogger Don said...

Call me a conspiracy kook if you wish to, but I and a bunch of other folks have good reasons to believe that mainstream media is, for the most part, just a water boy for the most dangerous threat to the freedom and liberty of the human population of this world --- the Council On Foreign Relations.

The CFR is controlled by a relatively few elitists whose goal is to make slaves out of everyone else so they will have to serve the interests of those elitists. They, the elitists, control the world money supply, and through it, they control most of mainstream media, and through it they hope to control the minds of the gullible and uninformed masses throughout the world. In so doing, they have a goal (well underway) to create the North American Union by the year 2010, which, for all practical purposes will destroy the sovereignty of the USA. Eventually the CFR’s goal is to create a “One World” government, probably (just my guess) administered by the United Nations.

Just check out who the members of the CFR were as of the middle of 2006 @ http://www.stopthenorthamericanunion.com/CFRMembers.html#A or on another list @ http://www.mega.nu:8080/ampp/roundtable/CFRA-Elist.html and perhaps an easier to read list, at least as far as official positions are concerned, @ http://www.apfn.org/apfn/cfr-members.htm.

As far as mainstream media is concerned, who owns more of it than Rupert Murdoch? He is listed as a member. Scroll through the membership list to see how many present and past office holders in governments around the world are now or have been past members (for instance, see the photo @ http://invisiblepatriots.com/web2/CFR-Blase.html). Check to see how many candidates for the presidency of the USA are members. For instance, you’ll see Fred Thompson listed, and he admits he’s a member but that he doesn’t know what the CFR is doing (caught on video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXevDajb2lo.

Other office holders and candidates, while perhaps not being members, fall under its influence. For example, Mike Huckabee told Wolf Blitzer that the president of the CFR, Richard Haas, is one of his foreign policy advisers. This is a portion of the transcript of the interview found @ http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0712/16/le.01.html:
“BLITZER: Who are your principal foreign policy advisers, Governor?

HUCKABEE: Well, I have a number of people from whom I get policy. I'm talking to Frank Gaffney, I talk to Richard Haas”

12:41 PM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

The CFR is an odd organization. I don't know that much about it. Then again, apparently, neither do it's members. I doubt very strongly that I would trust the information 'disseminated' by a 'think tank' like the Council on Foreign Relations.

We all remember George Bush, the first, preaching the gospel of the New World Order. This would seem to give some credence to your theory that there is a movement to see a one-world government. To believe that the movement would go clandestine to avoid public scrutiny would not be that much of a stretch. In fact, it's a pretty logical conclusion. Just to what ends it's proponents would go to subvert the will of the people to bring this NWO about is the unknown, and should be the subject of debate, I believe.

I've heard and seen many theories explained about the CFR and it's ilk. I truly don't know what to believe, as some of the theories are beyond the scope of belief, and obvious fabrications of very active imaginations. Yet the secretive nature of these groups leave them open to scrutiny and suspicion. If they were as beneficent as they claim, there would be no need for the high levels of secrecy associated with their gatherings, members, etc...

Bottom line: You could very well be dead-on, Don, although I pray to God you're not.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Don said...

I don’t know as much as I would like to know about the CFR, but I’ve been looking into its activities for a couple of months and I’ve been filing some information about its activities on my PC. I have found enough to convince me, as some other people have, that what I said in my prior comment is fact, and not fiction. I’d be happy to share items from my files with anyone who is interested.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

You're preaching to the choir, Don.

I would definately be interested to find out more about the CFR.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Don said...

I apologize for not getting back here sooner, but I just haven't had time, and now relatives are due here for a visit. As soon as I can get to it I'll send you some CFR information by email. Lately, though, it seems to that some emails I sent to you were reported and not delivered. I'll send you a test email now to see if it gets through.

8:46 AM  

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