Thursday, January 17, 2008

Faux Pwnd

After the 'debate' on Fox News Channel the other night, they had the typical Luntz focus group. I remarked to my girlfriend that their answers seemed very scripted, and that the people looked the same as those in the previous post-debate foucs group. It turns out THEY WERE! At least 2 of the people in the focus group had been in previous focus groups, and weren't really random 'undecided' voters, AT ALL! One of them, Douglas Maher, works for a PR firm that represented the Bush's. He was in at least two of the focus groups, and was the guy who made the anti-Ron Paul statement. I'm certain if you checked into the identities of the other 'undecided' focus group members, you'd find several more of these actors.

Check these videos out... they show at least 2 people who participated in multiple Luntz focus groups:

(NSFW language warning: Penn Jillett says 'F you Frank')

If Fox News is willing to subvert public opinion in this very dishonest way, what else are they falsifying? I can't believe I used to watch Fox News and only Fox News. I was a believer in their 'Fair and Blanaced' lies for a long time. I started coming around about a year ago, but still have people arguing with me about how accurate Fox is. I wish more people who feel like I felt back then could see the above videos. Maybe we'd have a chance to restore our Republic before it falls to fascism.

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