Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Boned by Concordia

Last semester, I found out that, in spite of already having all the courses and hours needed to graduate, I'd have to take 16 hours ON-CAMPUS during my last semester, this semester, in order to graduate. I figured I'd just take some easy classes, and breeze through, although it was annoying to think I'd have to be out there every night taking something I don't need just to graduate.

Then, today, as I'm getting all my stuff together to go register, I find out I can only take 15 hours of night classes on campus this semester! I can't graduate unless I take day classes! I work full-time, all day, so, unless I quit my job to take these bogus, uneccessary classes, I won't be able to graduate. It's so totally bogus.

I'm frustrated and disillusioned, at this point. There's no solution to it, either. I was to be fitted for my cap and gown next week.I was supposed to go pay my graduation fees and my cap and gown rental fee, today. I guess I might as well cancel that crap. I'm glad I hadn't paid it yet.

To top it off, I got a letter from them yesterday saying that I was short 2 classes I took last semester, getting an A in both. I'm going to go by there tonight and see what I can work out. If they won't give a little on the class requirements, I'm going to have to transfer or something. GAH! This is so STUPID and FRUSTRATING!!!

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