Monday, December 10, 2007

Ron Paul Rider

I went to a meeting of the Tri-County Ron Paul meetup group, Saturday night. The meeting was great, with good food and fellowship. I met some very intelligent, thoughtful people and had a great time.

Aside from the group members, there was another young man in attendance from the state of Hawaii, Michael Maresco. How did he get to Pintlala, AL? By bicycle!

His journey began as a walk for Ron Paul, canvassing one of the islands of Hawaii on foot, campaigning and handing out fliers. It took him 5 days, during which he covered 150 miles. His intent was to generate enthusiasm for his local meetup group, and inspire action among Ron Paul supporters. It worked.

After his walk, support was strong for some sort of similar activity on the mainland. After weighing their options, Michael and another young man decided to bicycle across the country. Although qualified for sea faring, having logged thousands of miles in fishing vessels, etc... Michael flew to Los Angeles to begin his journey across the country to Washington D.C. Last night, he pedaled into Hope Hull, Alabama.

I don't know of any other presidential campaign, EVER, that had this type of enthusiasm. We have a blimp, we have a record-breaking fundraising day, we have sign-makers everywhere, we have people willing to travel hundreds of miles just to attend a Ron Paul rally. And we have people willing to give up months of their lives to travel cross-country on a bike to promote Ron Paul. That's amazing.

You can find the website and blog for the Ron Paul Riders HERE.