Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'New GOP Agenda' Survey: What a Waste!

I've been meaning to blog this for a while, I just haven't gotten around to scanning it...

I rec'd the New Republican Agenda survey from Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate GOP Leader, a few weeks back, and was really appalled by the questions it asks. Firstly, it asks "Should we continue taking the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR to the terrorists, capturing their leaders and freezing their financial assets wherever possible?" Then it gives a Y, N or U (for undecided) bubble space. I believe the emphasis was in the wrong place. It should have read, "Should we START taking the global war on terror to the terrorists..." I would have selected Y, if it were worded that way. I still hear of Bin Laden tapes, and threats from time to time. It seems as though we haven't took the fight to him much at all, after Afghanistan.

The second question asks about dismantling North Korea and Iran's nuclear weapons programs. Well, this one is pretty much moot, now, after we've found out North Korea has stopped theirs, and Iran hasn't had one for over 4 years.

The third one was a resounding yes, for me, as it asked about supporting the troops.

The fourth question seemed too vague to answer.

The fifth was, again, too vague, as it didn't define what a 'known terrorist' is. If the government gets to decide who is a terrorist without letting us know what criteria they used, I give this an unequivical N for NO.

The sixth question is unneccessary. We already HAVE legislation in place that would protect our border, congress just isn't ACTING on it. If they're going to act as expediently with 'further' measures as they have with the present ones, what's the friggin' point?

Seven is where I started getting mad. Why is McConnell asking ME how to enforce the law? He's a LAWMAKER! When something is ILLEGAL, you treat it as a crime. The punishment for the crime of illegal immigration is deportation. If congress hadn't been sitting on it's sizable patoot, twiddling it's fingers while our border security became overwhelmed, ignoring the CAUSES for illegal immigration, and, instead, REWARDING the criminals, we wouldn't even have this question to answer at all!

As many times as I've heard GOP candidates complain about having to answer Y or N questions in debates, I'm really surprised at the idiocy of this so-called survey. Sorry Mitch, I'm not going to return this. The Republicans in my voting precinct are insulted by it.

Who paid for this thing? I certainly hope it wasn't the taxpayers!

Below are scans of the inside pages of the 'survey':

Click for a closer look! You'll really enjoy it.