Thursday, December 27, 2007

Farah's at it Again

In his latest editorial rant on his news site, World Net Daily, Joseph Farah once again makes me wonder what type of beverages he imbibes before sitting down to the keyboard. First, he takes a swipe at Ron Paul's supporters (also known as Americans) before lambasting Ron Paul for voting AGAINST legislation that would increase taxes. Farah is spinning so fast he must have sustained brain damage if he thinks, for a second, that any common sense American will fall for this venomous blather. Being intellectually dishonest is still dishonest, Mr. Farah. Being dishonest is lying, and lying will earn you a place in the hottest hot-tub of all time. You'd think an alleged Christian would know this.

I've read WND on a nearly daily basis for several years, but in the last year I've started to see through Farah's veneer. Vox Day is the only thing worth reading over there, anymore. I find myself not even visiting the site for weeks. Farah used to seem so down to earth, as did many other former conservates who are jumping aboard the neo-con bandwagon. These guys who made the conservative movement so strong in the '90s have become too arrogant and conceited to be taken seriously.

Still, that doesn't explain why a former conservative like Farah would attack a fellow conservative like Paul by making such a Clintonian-type argument. Could it be he's afraid Chuck Norris will put him in a submission hold if he doesn't spin for Huckabee? Honestly, I don't know, or care, who Farah supports in the election. He's made his bias against Ron Paul so well-known I doubt I'll ever read what he writes again without rolling my eyes.