Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I participated in a protest at City Hall, last night. It was the first thing I've ever publicly protested. I held a sign that read, "Fight Apathy: Vote." Among the other messages on signs were, "Need Cops, Not Cameras" and "Save Selma." We were there to oppose a bond issue that would spend a large amount of borrowed money on several trivial items, while ignoring the security issues we have in Selma.

A local journalist covered the event, but misquoted me... ignoring my story about how my truck was stolen and the fact that the police have done nothing. When the hearing was over, one of my fellow protesters chased a gas station robber and helped police apprehend him. At least that made the paper. If we can get it out to the public that the police are having a hard time fighting crime, perhaps we can affect a change in policy and start holding people accountable.

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