Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Freedom Radio

I know I was trying to keep politics off the Various Curiosities blog, but this is a media-related post. I believe Ron Paul Radio is the beginning of a new media network. People who support freedom are supporting Ron Paul. When the elections of 2008 have ended, this network could very well become as popular, if not more popular, than the networks supporting the neo-con and liberal agendas.

It's the bottom-up approach that made so many media outlets huge that I believe will launch the RP Radio phenomenon. It will probably evolve after the elections into a Liberty and Freedom network. Once the tracks are laid, as they are being now, something like this can grow into a huge force in the disemination of ideas and information.

Currently an internet outlet, I look forward to RP Radio's migration into the broadcast and print mediums. We could be on the verge of seeing a whole new crop of media personalities. These are exciting times.

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