Thursday, November 15, 2007

***FLASH*** Liberty Dollar Offices Raided By Government

Unconfirmed reports are coming to me that the offices of the Liberty Dollar, a gold and silver trading group, have been raided by federal agents this morning. The precious metals were taken, according to the report, and employees were arrested. No word on whether there was a search warrant, what laws were allegedly violated or when the feds will give a public press conference addressing the raid were given.

Previously on my blog, I've endorsed usage of the Liberty Dollar. Liberty Dollar advocates using gold and silver as a barter tool instead of using the reserve debt note printed by the monopolistic, privately owned reserve banks. In the recent past, the government has made statements that they believe the Liberty Dollar is a competing currency, although many coins are legally available for purchase in the US from countries all over the world.

The US Constitution requires states to use only gold and silver as currency, although all US states now use the privately owned reserve debt note. This will set a frightening precedent for the free trade of precious metals. Reminescent of the confiscation of precious metals by the US Government in the 20th century, it may be that this raid was a first step in forcing Americans to use the defaulting reserve debt note.