Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why I Like Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul is an admirable man, for many reasons. No matter your opinion of him, you must, in intellectual honesty, admit that he is admirable at least in the fact that he is true to his principles. I admire him FOR his principles, as well as because he is true to them. But there are other factors involved in my admiration of Dr. Paul.

The intellectual reason, as I touched on earlier, is that he is consistent, and true to his beliefs. This is the kind of person you can trust, and rely on to stay the same, no matter what; Like a rock, as the analogy goes. You will have no doubts about him, and no question how he will respond to any situation. You can pretty much read his platform in the Constitution of the USA, of which his interpretations haven't changed since entering politics some 30+ years ago.

For spiritual reasons, I have to favor Dr. Paul, as well. He's the only candidate I've heard speak emotionally about his relationship with Christ. Think what you will about religion, you have to admire someone who is honest enough to say his religion says something that isn't popular. Christianity isn't about being popular, it's about being true to God through Jesus. Even the former Baptist minister, and Governor of Arkansas can't say he's that true to his beliefs.

Dr. Paul says and believes everything I've believed in my life. When you're a kid, you learn what's true: what's right and what's wrong. Then, when you get older, you notice that no one pays attention to what's right; They just do what's popular. Paul doesn't follow trends, he follows a set of rules in his life. He has structure on which you can bank.

For emotional reasons, I feel very drawn to Ron Paul. He reminds me of my grandfather, L.B. 'Grandpa' Morgan. The 'Grandpa' part wasn't what we, his grand kids, called him. We called him Grand-daddy. The 'Grandpa' part was his pen-name. He was known in our town, Selma, as Grandpa Morgan. For years he wrote a column in the Selma Times Journal. Ron Paul's 'Texas Straight Talk' reminds me of that.

Grandpa Morgan, during his working years, was a general store owner. As owner of LB Morgan Mercantile(one location now known as 'Mark's Mart') my grandfather extended credit to everyone, and delivered groceries to everyone. He did this all the way from back in the 1920s until the 1960s, when he retired. As you can imagine, this wasn't a popular position to have in the south at the time. But he did it anyway, because he had the strength of his convictions. I see Ron Paul standing up to the others at debates, and in articles, and I hear my Grand-daddy's voice.

Because my grandfather spoke regularly at religious functions, and visited local churches weekly, no one could garner the nerve to press him too hard on his views. He also had a local television show, "The Layman's Hour", in which he extolled the benefits of a virtuous life. When I hear people attack Dr. Paul, it feels as though they are attacking my Grand-daddy. It fills me with more than a little righteous indignation. They don't hold a candle to Ron Paul. They should be ashamed.

But they aren't ashamed. There is no humility among presidential candidates, or Presidents, anymore, for that matter. Some of them even act like being humble is a BAD thing. I don't understand that. "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."- Prov. 11:2.

I admire and will vote for Ron Paul. There are thousands and perhaps million of reasons to do so. The above are just a few of the reasons I choose to vote for him. I think if many people of the conservative or liberal persuasions look at him with an open mind and truly listen to him, they will find they no alternative but to vote for him as well.

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