Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who's Afraid of Ron Paul?

Why are people afraid of freedom? Historically, there have always been those who sided with the powers-that-be when given the option of liberty. I think, mostly, it's unfounded fear. When corrupt leaders see their power about to slip away, they begin to spread lies and deceit to create an atmosphere of apprehension. They want you to fear being responsible for yourself, so you'll rely enough on them to keep them in power.

In the American Revolution, there were those who sided with the British simply because they were afraid the American Republic would make them unsafe and unstable. They were willing to sacrifice the chance for liberty in exchange for perceived security. Their reward was defeat and loss of the liberties they had.

Ron Paul advocates personal freedom. The fact that it's considered revolutionary is sad; it's what the Constitution promotes, and is pretty much the definition of the United States of America. The politicians in positions of power, however, would tell you whatever it takes to make you afraid of being free from their control. It's the responsibility of every American not to buy into these lies; it's our duty to be free!