Monday, October 08, 2007

School Daze II

I'm in the school daze, right now. I hate finals. Especially when the instructor incorrectly grades your tests on a consistent basis. I have no idea what my teacher wants from me. I have taken 12 quizzes in this class, and my teacher has marked correct answers as wrong on EVERY TEST! Then, she tells us to use our tests as study guides, when she knows the tests are wrong. It's friggin' retarded. That's what I get for taking transient classes at a junior college.


At least I know I've done well in one of my classes, this semester. I had to take a US History class. I've aced it, so far. I'm taking my final in it tonight.

I also recently found out I have to take 16 hours ON CAMPUS in my last semester to graduate from Concordia in the spring. That means I'll be working my buttocks off this winter.

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