Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ron Paul: Rock Star not Pop Star

The lack of TV and print media coverage for Ron Paul is disheartening. It reminds me of watching MTV as a teenager. Sometimes, you could watch all day and never see a video of a rock band. Even when they used to play videos on there, it was a rare occasion when a rock video aired. The pop stuff always coated the programming.

Then, suddenly, you'd hear a rock riff and the excitement level would go up. You knew you weren't listening to the same old fluff anymore. You finally had some meat. You knew you weren't alone anymore; You were being rocked.

Watching the news is like that, now. All day long we listen to the Hillary Spears, Akon Obama, Rudy G, M.C. Huckabee, etc... when all we want to hear is Ron Paul. Then, suddenly, there he is, one fleeting moment on MSNBC's Tucker... The adrenalin pumps, the rock-n-roll salute goes up...

That's a rock star.

"But isn't a pop star more popular?" you ask, "Wouldn't that seem to be better for someone who wants to get more votes for President?" No. If you're looking for someone who rules, you gotta have a rock star. They can be as popular as they wanna be, but no pop star has EVER ruled.

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