Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paul Wins Debate, Hands Down

I was only able to watch the last half of the presidential debates live on CNBC last night. When it was over, I was really upset about how little time Ron Paul got. They only asked him 2 questions the whole time I was watching.

Luckily, MSNBC re-ran the debate at 8 o'clock, and I was able to watch the first half, where Dr. Paul dominated. I don't think any of the candidates would like to debate Ron Paul on the Constitution. He called them all out. Some tried to respond, others were too chicken.

Rudy tried to respond to Paul's statement of fact that no nation has ever posed a threat of imminent attack on the US by saying his catch phrase, "9-11". Dr. Paul responded by informing Rudy that "9-11" was perpetrated by 19 thugs, not a nation. Rudy tried to come back by saying they planned it in Afghanistan, therefore we should launch a preemptive attack on any place where people are planning attacks against us. By this logic, if a group of guys in the USA are sitting around talking about bombing Iran, Rudy thinks Iran has a right to attack the USA. What an imbecile.

Romney said he would consult attorneys before making a decision as President. McCain suggested Dr. Paul read 'War of Nations'. Ron Paul said they should all crack open the Constitution and read it. They had no reply.

Dr. Paul spoke a lot about the nation's finances. It was, after all, a financial debate. I'm afraid, however, that much of what he said went over the heads of the career politicians on stage with him. Giuliani and Romney insisted on blathering about how they lowered taxes as executives, while ignoring the fact that spending went up in both Massachusetts and New York when they were Governor and Mayor. Huckabee talked about Goober and Gomer and did his slow preacher thing. Brownback sounded like a socialist, as usual. Fred Thompson looked lost and mumbled incessantly, when he wasn't going 'ahhh,' pausing or repeating himself. Hunter and Tancredo made a few good points, but didn't address the issues directly enough. Most just avoided direct disagreement with Paul, at all. I'd like to see a one-on-one debate between Ron Paul and any one of those guys.

Ron Paul won the debate again, hands down. The CNBC after-debate poll had Paul winning with 70% before the poll was taken down and moved to Paul wound up winning with around 67%-70%. Still, I wish he had been allowed more time. Some of the others were allowed more time when they got into it a little. I guess it should say something that even though he was only asked 3 questions in the last hour of the debate, Ron Paul STILL WON.

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