Friday, October 19, 2007

Healthcare Funding: A Quarter Billion the Easy Way

Everyone is talking about healthcare. Over half the country, they say, supports some form of national health-care aid funded by the federal government. But we all know government does a lousy job of providing benefits... just ask anyone who's had a relative in a VA hospital, or had to apply for medicare benefits. As a free-market economy, shouldn't we be able to come up with a better solution?

The Democratic candidates have raised $244,404,140 for their presidential campaigns. That's about a quarter BILLION dollars, with more pouring in every day. It seems people with deep pockets want a Democrat. Why? Well, the Democrats say it's because they are good to the people in the form of government spending associated with entitlements. Taxes, of course, being the necessary evil needed to fund said programs.

Back to the quarter billion... That's a lot of money for commercials, staff and airplane tickets. Couldn't they do something for the people with that money? Seems to me the logical and ethical thing for these Democrats to do is to take their campaign contributions and start a charity to provide healthcare. They could probably provide very good assistance to a lot of people, and leave the bumbling, bloated government out of it.

Of course, the Democrats running for president (save Gravel) would never do something like this. They aren't exactly the benevolent people they claim to be. Power is what they're after. And, with that power, money. These democrats are for invasive, massive, and costly programs that would, in turn, increase government control of your everyday life.