Sunday, October 21, 2007

GOP Debate: FOX Wins; GOP Loses

I watched the debate tonight, if it can be called that. Seemed like Fox had decided to get behind Huckabee, giving him a half hour before the debate to make a State of the Union type address. After pitting Giuliani, Romney, Thompson and McCain against each other, Huckabee was tossed a few softballs, and allowed to preach a little mini-sermon. Preaching to the choir wasn't a debate the last time I checked.

The questioners attacked Ron Paul, as usual, not asking legitimate questions, but tossing inaccurate accusations. For example, Chris Wallace asked Ron Paul if he was like Clinton because he opposed our military in Iraq. Fact of the matter, Hillary actually SUPPORTED troops being sent to Iraq. Of course she would... she's a big spending, war-mongering Democrat. That's what they DO. They also didn't give Ron Paul a chance to rebut after Giuliani attacked him on the marriage subject. If the 'Fair and Balanced' crowd can't do any better than that, I'm afraid it's all over for the GOP.

The four candidates who got the most questions were, once again, Giuliani, Romney, McCain and Thompson. They pretty much explained why none of them were qualified for the job. It was amusing.

Huckabee was quaint, as usual, towing the liberal Bushite party line. I wonder if he would outlaw worshipping God in any way but the GOP way, whatever that is. Every time he speaks, I become more afraid for religious freedom in our country. I really hope my fellow Southerners don't flock to him in some knee-jerk reaction, thinking he's the religious hope for the party. He really is a scary person, when you look at what he supports. History is littered with pro-war liberal preachers like Huckabee.

As for the 'bookends', as Tancredo quipped about himself and the others placed at the ends, there were few high points. Hunter had a few pops for Pro-Reagan statements. Of course, so did everyone else. Tancredo almost endorsed Giuliani by accident.

According to attendees, the crowd was hand-picked by the 'top-tier' candidates. I guessed that was the case when I heard the weak booing. Carl Cameron, before the debates, pointed out the seating arrangements. I didn't hear him even give a section for Ron Paul.

Hannity amazes me with his lack of Conservative knowledge. He acts as if libertarianism is a foreign concept, instead of the core of Conservative beliefs, as Reagan himself even stated. I guess Hannity learned all his neo-conservatism at UC Santa Barbara, or whichever of those liberal schools out in California he attended, in the few months before he dropped out altogether.

Anyway, as a whole, the 'debate' was pretty much a farce, as the other Fox debate was. Even the people who work for Fox seem to be getting tired of the spin they're mandated to put on everything.

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