Thursday, September 06, 2007

War vs. Ron Paul

I am NOT a war protester. If my country is at war, I support our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors FULLY. HOWEVER, I do NOT support politicians who would risk the lives of those brave men without a threat to our country, or to 'save face'. I despised Bill Clinton for it back in the '90s when he sent our military into the Balkans as a diversion. Why should I blindly support Bush, now? I just won't do it.

First of all, back in 2003, when we first went into Iraq, our President, MY President, the one I voted for in 2000, George W. Bush, told us there were weapons of mass distruction and that Al Qaida was being trained to use them against us with the knowledge of Saddam Hussein. We were shown pictures of training camps, and weapons caches. I believed him. He wouldn't make that up just to start a war. After all, he was the man who said we would no longer'police the world'. Iraq had horrendous weapons they intended to use against us. We had to stop them.

Meanwhile, a small doctor from Texas screamed in opposition from the House floor. We laughed him to scorn, but he would not be quieted. He said there were no weapons of mass distruction, and Iraq was no threat to American national security. He advised that we should keep our troops here to secure our borders to protect us from terrorism. At least "declare war," Dr. Paul said. We didn't listen.

We invaded. We hit the targets dead-on, because our military is the best in the world. But when the 'shock and awe' was over, we found no sizable amounts of WMD. If there had ever been WMD, our intelligence failed in that we didn't find them before they were moved out of the country. If WMD were never there to begin with, someone is a LIAR. Either way, Mission Accomplished: Iraqi threat eliminated. Right?

Suddenly, the emphasis shifted. We were now 'liberators'. That's why we stayed. But 'insurgents' were determined to mess that all up for us, and Iraq. Bush told us we needed to stay longer to clear out the 'insurgents'. That's when the bodies started piling up.

Now, we're 'Nation Building'... more bodies. What happened to 'Mission Accomplished'?

Nobody really likes war in the long run. Seeing people dying will wear down the support of the most popular causes. That's not why I support Ron Paul. I support Ron Paul because he seems like the kind of person that will be honest, humble and keep our country closer to the ideals upon which it was founded. I believe if Dr. Paul truly believes it is in the best interest of our national security to leave Iraq, we should leave.

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