Monday, September 10, 2007

Ron Paul vs. Bill O'reilly

I'm excited about Dr. Paul being on O'reilly tonight. This will be an interesting meeting of the TV conservative vs. the real life, political conservative. I would have to think that, in spite of what I'm hearing, O'reilly will agree with a lot of what Dr. Paul says. I know O'reilly is very dismissive of people with whom he disagrees, making a point to play devil's advocate, a point of concern, but I don't think he will have the moral high ground he always attempts to claim. There's just not that much on which he can legitimately disagree with Rep. Paul. I think he'll see that joining the collective wolf-pack to attack Ron Paul, while expected of him, may not be the ideological high ground he usually attempts, or perceives himself, to take.

At least I think he won't ask idiotic/sophomoric questions like, "Should we take our marching orders from al quaeda."

I hope my prediction is correct. We'll see tonight.