Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ron Paul to be at American Family Debate 9/17

The next GOP debate is to be on September 17th. Called the "Voter Values Debate," it is sponsored by the American Family Association. With panelists like Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, and Joseph Farah as a moderator, it will most likely be a question of how the candidates stand on Christianity. Hearing this, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Fred Thompson all declined to attend.

Makes you wonder where these guys stand on religion, doesn't it?

The GOP candidates who WILL be there are Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, Ron Paul and John Cox.

We know where Farah stands on Dr. Paul by the blatant misinterpretation of Dr. Paul's immigration stance in his 'Why Ron Paul is Disqualified' article. Even so, Dr. Paul will be attending. Dr. Paul has nothing to fear from the religious right. Heck, he's a pillar of the religious right.

The fact that Romney, Giuliani, McCain and Thompson have all run away from this debate tells me that they no longer regard the religious right as the center of their support. Declining a forum on American Family Radio, an organization that many Christians use for their news source, is an ominous sign for the moral majority, the group that helped the Republicans take back over American government, indicating that the new liberal republican party power-elite don't want their support. It's pretty much a big slap in the face.

The debate will be broadcast on American Family Radio stations. To find your local station, use this .pdf file, click the 'local stations' link on their site.