Friday, September 28, 2007

Ron Paul Supporters vs. The Others

I'm tired of reading the hatchet pieces on Ron Paul supporters and listening to the smug TV News guys mock anyone who says, "Dr. Paul." What about all the other candidates' supporters? I would venture to bet that Ron Paul supporters are at least as intelligent, if not MORE intelligent than those who support other candidates.

I know a guy who supports Giuliani that didn't even know how many STATES ARE IN THE UNION. I've talked to 5 Hillary supporters that don't know how many Senators each state has. I doubt they even know the world is round. I've talked to Obama people who have no idea how a President is even elected.

The fact that Dr. Paul is not yet a household name does not make him 'fringe'. Sure, all candidates will be supported by diverse people. That's what you WANT. It angers me to read where some 'real writer' discribes Paul supporters as a 'strange brew of people', then goes on to list people from all different walks of life. What's wrong with people from all different walks of life? Those people are what we used to call AMERICANS!

My point is that it's pretty weak to attack Ron Paul supporters. If you really want to attack an ignorant group of people, you'd need to hit up those who support the media darlings: the big money candidates. Blind loyalty is one thing, but stupid is another. So don't talk about the little puddle of what you consider 'strange' in the Paul camp while ignoring the tidal wave of stupid right in front of you.

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