Friday, September 28, 2007

PBS Debate; Ron Paul Wins

I watched the 'Black Issues' debate on PBS last night. Dr. Paul impressed me. I think it's obvious that the other candidates leech ideologically onto what Ron Paul says. Huckabee practically mirrored Dr. Paul a couple of times, as did most of the other candidates. Brownback surprised me with a few almost socialist ideas, but even he came around to the Constitution a time or two. One of the candidates, I forget which, even mentioned Dr. Paul by name when he said he agreed with him, as he parroted the answer Paul gave.

Some say Dr. Paul needed to look more like he is sympathetic to black issues by
saying the touchy-feely things. I couldn't disagree more. I don't think anyone wants to be pandered to. People want intelligent, decisive leadership that doesn't waffle to public opinion as public opinion sways. Anyone who assumes that would be different due to the color of skin is a racist, I believe.