Monday, September 10, 2007

O'Reilly Fails

I was wrong. Bill O'reilly seemed to know nothing about Dr. Paul at all, other than some mis-stated info on Iraq. He didn't even know where Dr. Paul stood on Afghanistan. O'reilly started out attempting to dominate, as usual, but Dr. Paul eventually marginalized him. O'reilly was a history teacher, but Dr. Paul had to teach him a history lesson on Iran. O'reilly tried to play it off, but he really looked clueless. It struck me the amount of disrespect Mr. O'reilly showed towards Dr. Paul. I used to watch O'reilly religiously, but he's gotten to a point where his ego overwhelms his intellect. He's intellectually dishonest, and, in his ignorance, abuses his influence.

BEFORE Dr. Paul came out, Mr. O'reilly advocated leaving Iraq in 1 year. The elections are over a year away. By the time Dr. Paul is even elected, Bill O'reilly wants our troops out. Is he unable to do calendar math? He was arguing against himself. O'reilly just doesn't do his homework anymore. What a waste.

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