Friday, September 28, 2007

More Ron Paul Facts

Here's some more interesting/stunning facts about Rep. Ron Paul, MD (R-TX):

In 1983, he predicted a recession/depression would occur in the US sometime in 1986 or 87. The US stock market crashed in 1987. ( Source: 1983 Capital Hill Gold Standard Conference )

In 1988, he predicted the fall of the Soviet Union by 1990, due to financial troubles. ( Source: 1988 Presidential Campaign )

In 1988, he predicted the war on drugs would spend billions and allow drug use to increase. $500 billion dollars later and the problem is just a prevalent, if not more prevalent. ( Source: 1988 Presidential Campaign )

In 1998, Dr. Paul predicted that Clinton's bombing of Iraq would "unify the Islamic Fundamentalists and expose American citizens to terrorist attacks." The bi-partisan 9/11 commission report, pg. 120, implies that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were the 'blowback' feared by the NSA from these types of events.

In 2001, he predicted an invasion of Iraq would require years of occupation and would yield no WMD. (Source: Speech to House of Representatives)

In 2002, he predicted an international dollar crisis would dramatically boost interest rates in the United States. He predicted oil prices would begin soaring to historic highs. (Source: Lew Rockwell)

After each of these predictions, pundits from both major political parties attempted to brand him as 'fringe'. When he was proven correct, very few admitted they were wrong. Partisan politics are ruining our country. It's time we quit towing the line, and get with the Constitution.