Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Not Afraid of Iran

Iran is a 3rd world nation. They can barely feed themselves. If, by chance, they do develop some sort of nuke device, it would take a HUGE failure by those charged with the protection of our borders to allow some terrorist to smuggle it into our country. Anyone who says they fear Iran has no faith in the Americans charged with protecting our borders. Maybe they'd have more faith in our border protection if we allowed more troops to come home and protect our borders instead of protecting Iraqi politicians.

And don't feed me the line 'It happened on 9/11, and we thought we were safe, why do you think it won't happen again?' If we hadn't denied the airlines and private sector the ability to defend themselves as our constitution provides, the World Trade Center might still be standing today. Imagine if the airlines had been allowed to have armed guards on flights, and had plainclothes guards on the planes with guns that day. NO, it was not a failure of our border protection, it was a failure of our policy denying our citizens the 2nd amendment right to defend themselves.

Furthermore, this only points up the fact that we can't give up our constitutional rights just to feel safe. When you charge the government with protecting us soley, and take that right away from the people, you eliminate the protective redundancy of citizens protecting themselves. Eventually, there will be a failure.

People who have no faith in America and in Americans need to shut their traps. I'm tired of blow-hard media whores talking about how we need to be afraid of Iran. I ain't afraid. Grow a pair, boys. We're the strongest nation in the world.

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