Monday, September 10, 2007

Dr. Paul, the Individual

There are many reasons for me to like Dr. Paul. I know, I know... I just can't stop.

He calls for smaller government. I've always understood that the less government you have, the more freedom you enjoy. The more things you allow the government to provide for you, the more you allow them to control your life. Governmentalizing anything that can be provided by the private sector will only increase the cost of that item. Adding layers of bureaucracy will never decrease costs, but will always decrease quality.

This is a classical concept of conservatism. Dr. Paul is the only candidate who calls for the kinds of government spending cuts on a scale that would actually make a difference.

He supports right to life. As an OBGYN of 40+ years, Dr. Paul says he's never seen an incident where a child had to be aborted for the safety of the mother. He states that freedom begins at conception, and abortion violates a child's right to life.

He advocates a return to a precious metals standard. Another more traditional belief that was only recently (1973) abandoned, a precious metals standard is a tangible foundation to build value upon. Floating money as US Currency is like holding up a brick and steel house with a shifting foundation: There will eventually be cracks.

He would have a non-aggresive foreign policy. Dr. Paul would return the US to a policy of non-intervention. The conservative view has always been to allow other nations to police themselves. We are not the policemen of the world. No conservative should ever be supportive of forced 'nation-building'. If an independent organization attacks the US, we should respond in kind, by allowing private citizens to strike back at those responsible.

He supports traditional interpretation of the Bill of Rights. Meaning:
The 1st Amendment allows us the right to speak on any subject and say whatever we believe in private and in public, and the right to practice any religion we choose;
The 2nd Amendment allows us the right to keep and bear arms to protect us from rogue states as well as against our own government, should it, in the course of human events, become oppresive and unrepresentative of the will of the people;
The 3rd Amendment means the government cannot force us to use our property to house government forces (unlike what happened in the Civil War);
The 4th Amendment means government cannot search or sieze our houses or property (including vehicles and even in time of war) without a warrant;
The 5th Amendment protects us against self-incrimination and being tried twice for the same crime (double jeapordy), as well as just compensation for property taken for public use;
The 6th Amendment allows us a right to a fair and speedy trial (unlike Guantanamo); The 7th Amendment gives us the right to a jury trial;
The 8th Amendment protects us against cruel and unusual punishment, and excessive bail;
The 9th Amendment gives us ALL OTHER RIGHTS NOT MENTIONED.
The 10th Amendment gives the States all other rights.

Given all the reasons above, I think the reason I like Dr. Paul the most is because he stands for the individual. I was shown this most clearly by the way he was treated at the most recent debate. The other candidates reminded me of junior high school kids trying to gang up on the smarter kid. The way they were laughing in that kind of scornful, malicious way made me see them as the collective they truly are. They don't want what's best for ME, they want what's best for THEM. To keep the gang happy, they mock and ridicule anyone who makes them look bad, or differs from the group-think. Dr. Paul stood and defiantly, if fearfully, took the high road. That took real courage and made him look like a hero, to me.