Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dem Debates

I watched the Democratic debate on MSNBC last night and was not impressed. Obama seemed to be going through the motions. He said a candidate needed to inspire voters but was pretty uninspiring, himself. He did call Clinton out on her fundraising, at one point, albeit not directly. Clinton seemed very secretive, not wanting to open up and give details about anything, even seeming to backtrack on issues, such as healthcare. Edwards seemed together, and won most of the points on my card. Still, he came off as being a little too used-car-salesman, as lawyers are wont to do.

Kucinich, aside from his usual quirkiness, struggled when confronted about his failure as an executive as Mayor of Cleveland. Dodd made some good points but didn't close on them. Richardson seemed lost at times, and Biden was practically non-existant.

The most impressive of the pack was Gravel. He knew what he believed and stuck to it at every opportunity. I may not agree with him on most issues but at least he made it obvious where he stands.

I also noticed that the Dems are starting to sound an awful lot like a Republican candidate we all know... Talking about things not needing to be done from Washington... sounds like a State's Rights pander to me. But there's no way you could confuse them with the real thing, though. They're all still wacky sounding... 'Sanctuary Cities' and all that liberal mess like government health insurance.