Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hazmat, Big Brother and Freedom

I just got back last night from 3 days in Atlanta doing Hazmat training. Learned a few interesting things and a butt-load of not-so-interesting things. I learned that the DOT pretty much throws these regulations together without too much thought. A lot of them are very illogical, as our instructor pointed out numerous times, usually when a student would ask, "Why?" Some of the nonsense comes from international compliance, such as the thousands of UN codes, named UN because they are United Nations code numbers for hazardous materials. I have a feeling Ron Paul would like to get a hold of the DOT. Our instructor, Marc Kleinman, showed us examples of code referring back to itself in an endless loop of bureaucracy. If that's not an example of the inefficiency of big government, nothing is.

On my way home, I got another seatbelt ticket. I lectured the officer for 45 minutes on civil liberties. I told him I once wore my seatbelt, but I don't anymore, because of the unconstitutional law forcing me to wear it. When he asked me why I didn't just wear it for my own safety, I said "Live Free or Die". I told him the story of my truck being stolen, and how making officers peek into people's private vehicles to see if they are wearing seatbelts keeps real crime from being stopped. He told me he smoked, and he said he agreed that something you do to your own body should be your business. By the end, he was agreeing with me and even shook my hand as he left. I still got the ticket, though. lol.

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Anonymous WF4B said...

Lmao i'm suprised the cop didn't break out the billy club and call you a dirty hippie for preaching at you...

10:15 AM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

1. He wasn't preaching at me... as a matter of fact, neither of us preached. I asked him if I could tell him a story, and then I told him about my truck. I moved from that into the other topics as the conversation progressed.

2. Hippie? First of all, I ain't dirty. And anybody who says just having long hair is hippie-esque doesn't know what they're talking about.

A hippie was a person in the '60s who wanted to be cool or 'hip', and in doing so, sacrificed their own true individuality in the name of group individuality. Most were just unkempt, not long-haired, because rebellion against their parents was 'hip', and their parents wanted them to look clean and neat. They followed pop causes and were generally just lazy dope heads who didn't brush their teeth, didn't want to work a real job, wasted all their time trying to get laid, or sat around complianing, calling other people names.

Following World War II, and before Vietnam, the Roman-style short haircut became popular. Being a 'long-hair' meant being someone who was an intellectual or, in some cases, old fashioned. Beethoven and Mozart are considered 'long-hair' music. I don't know the etymology behind it, but I'm sure it's interesting.

Today, being a 'hippie' means you either don't use deodorant, wear beads and flowers, or just generally try to be like the hippies in the 1960s. Younger kids and the ignorant tend to add the long-haired into the category, but, while it's true some 1960s hippies had long hair, the vast majority had short, dyed, matted or unkempt hair. They never had time for their hair to grow out. Hunger and illness tended to cure most 'hippies' of their rebellion before it could.

...and that's my 2 cents for today.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous WF4B said...

You should of had a smoke machine and turned it on and then said 5,000 years ago there was a war between the police and civillians were at war the ppl didn't wanna wear seatbelts lol sorry

9:40 AM  

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